our story

Every small business has a mission. Here's ours.


Our mission is to bring comfort, solace, and community to those who visit the final resting place of their loved ones. We believe that memories should be celebrated, preserved, and shared and we are dedicated to making that possible. 

We strive to bridge the gap between traditional memorials and the modern digital age. We envision a future where generations can easily engage with the legacies of their ancestors, fostering a sense of connection, remembrance, and appreciation for those who came before us. 

Emblem serves as a gateway to cherished memories, allowing visitors to access a wealth of information about the person memorialized. With a simple scan, you can gain insights into their life achievements, personal anecdotes, photographs, and more. We strive to provide a platform for families and friends to come together, ensuring that the legacy of the departed lives on.

Our Team

Emblem started from a conversation with an aunt at the dinner table.